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About Asiaparts Indotech
Vision :
"1st Worldwide Sources & Industrial Parts ", has become a leading supply of wide range technical industrial products and equipments comes from Europe, American, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and other overseas.
Mision :
Asiaparts Indotech was founded in 1998 with a mission of providing HIGH QUALITY SERVICE, COMPETITIVE PRICING and to be "1st Worldwide Sources & Industrial Parts" for our customers and end users. Achieving a positive and energic work environment where the staff at Asiaparts Indotech can excel in meeting customer's needs and requirements. Maintaining an upbeat and aggressive culture as our bussiness and client base continue to expand.
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About Asiaparts Hardware is an online Hardware store that carries the theme "More Than You Think" . We provide a wide variety of unique, useful and best quality. We provide an excellent the best product that you can easily get from our online store services. Not only the best products, we are also working with the best delivery service companies to deliver your order according to the time and place to be determined by a trustworthy shipping insurance.
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Company Profile merupakan bagian dari PT Asiaparts Indotech yang telah menjadi salah satu pemimpin penyedia peralatan industri, material handling,automotive, alat ukur, pertukangan dan lain-lain. Guna melebarkan sayap untuk menjangkau lebih kebutuhan pelanggannya dengan lebih banyak lagi, maka PT Asiaparts Indotech meluncurkan, sebagai sebuah situs e-commerce terdepan dalam menjual perlengkapan hardware, mainan, jam tangan, houseware, toys, cleaning equipments, safety equipment, perlengkapan industri, dan barang-barang menarik lainnya. Dengan mengusung tema “More Than You Think”,